Friday, December 19, 2008

Lil' Myra Part 1

Little Myra,
I think you paint just like Degas -
Yes indeed I do . . .
No - a little like Monet -
I see Picasso too . . .
They’ll praise your work
just like Rembrandt
when your skills become much greater . . .
But for now let’s put this where it looks best -
on the refrigerator!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Myra: "Relevance! The Little Princess Tatiana! Relevance!"
The Little Princess Tatiana: (It's Releve' . . . I can't believe that I'm the cat!)
Dear Myra; Your ballet paintings are lovely. What is your inspiration? Signed Somewhat Curious

Whap! What was I thinking . . .

What was I thinking? It was no small feat to teach The Little Princess Tatiana to 'dip and throw', 'dip and throw' the tennis balls. It’s like the wise man said . . . ‘persevere!’ Many have wondered about the little cat paw beneath my signature on my abstract paintings. Well now you know. Friends - never be afraid to give credit where credit is due.


WHAP! "keep 'em comin' The Little Princess Tatiana!"
Dear Myra; Your abstract paintings are known all over the world. Tell me, what is your technique? Signed Mildly Curious

what was I thinking . . .

What was I thinking?
(a regular feature of cartoon myra)

Dear friends, when I posted the cartoon ‘Crazy Artist’ I was thinking that artists who had talking cats would be considered to be - shall we say - ‘a bit eccentric’. Then some cats called me on the phone (they prefer the word feline) and told me that they beg to differ. So - to the persians, the calico’s, the 1000 cats named ‘fluffy’ and to all of the other ‘felines’ who called me - I sincerely apologize. Sincerely, Myra

Monday, December 15, 2008

crazy artist?

Myra: "Whenever they make movies about famous artists they’re always crazy. In the movie about Van Gogh they said that he was crazy! Rembrandt was crazy! Picasso was crazy! You don’t think I’m another crazy artist do you - my little kitty witty suga wooga The Little Princess Tatiana?"
The Little Princess Tatiana: "Actually I find the assertions in these movies to be probative at best - filled with speculative conjecture and unfounded innuendo . . . purrrrrrr!"